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Statuette made in Bronze, height 55 cm


signed - Joseph Osbach

FF 15'000

Statuette in Bronze


signed - Mathurin Moreau

FF 28'000

Statuette made in Bronze


signed Joseph Osbach

FF 15'000

Marquetery cupboard "Art Nouveau"
mahogany and rosewood.

Ecole de Nancy

Signed Louis Majorelle

FF 90'000

Walnut chair "Art Nouveau"
floral decor carved
FF 7'500

Work table, marquetery represents fern
Ecole de Nancy, 1895
signed - Emile Gallé
FF 50'000

Womans desk, parasol shaped, mahogany
Ecole de Nancy
signed Louis Majorelle
FF 35'000

Vase in ceramic.


inspired from "Massier"

FF 5'800

Oak wood desk with drawers inside.

18th century (Epoch Louis XVI)

FF 16 000

Pillar and pot, decorated with chestnut tree,


FF 18'000

Luster in bronze. Bowl made in molten glass.


attributed to Muller

FF 9'000

Double tray made in mahogany, marquetery.

Ecole de Nancy, 1920

signed Louis Majorelle

FF 18'000

Two vases, ceramic

Czechoslovakia, 1900

signed ROYAL DUX

FF 18'000

Mushroom-form lamp, ornated with landscape

Nancy, 1895

signed Gaunez (pupil of Emile Gallé)

FF 38'000

Living-Room table inlaid with birds and foliage patterns, pear wood,ornaments in bronze.
Epoch Napoleon III (19th Century)
FF 22 000

Furniture inlaid with turtle shell, ornaments in bronze.

Epoch Napoleon III (19th Century)

FF 16 500

Mahogany table, marquetery representing landscape with gooses.

Inspired from "Majorelle", but not signed.


FF 16 500

Gambling table inlaid with rosewood.

Epoch Louis XVI (18th Century)

FF 28 000

Nest of tables ornated with birds enamelled on the wood

Pont à Mousson ( France) around 1880

FF 14 000

Japanese statuette in ivory. Height 18 cm.

19th Century

FF 8 000

Vase. Landscape in 3 colours. Height 9,5 cm.

signed D'Argental (Ecole de Nancy)

FF 5 800

Vase ornated with apple leaves in violet tones. Height 15 cm

signed Emile Gallé (Ecole de Nancy)

FF 8 800

Vase in 3 colours with floral decoration. Height 17,5 cm

signed Daum (Ecole de Nancy)

FF 11 000

Vase in 3 colours with apple tree patterns. Height 14 cm

signed D'Argental (Ecole de Nancy)

FF 6 500

Vase. Floral patterns. 3 colours in red tones. Height 19,5 cm

signed Emile Gallé (Ecole de Nancy)

FF 11 000

Vase with floral decoration.

signed Daum (Ecole de Nancy) around 1890

FF 10 500

Vase in blue and green tones. height 31 cm

granted to Delatte, but not signed

FF 3 800

Vase. Floral decoration in green and yellow tones. Height 34 cm

signed Emile Gallé

FF 11 000

Vase in yellow and brown tones. Height 13,5 cm

signed Emile Gallé

FF 6 800

Vase with floral decoration in 3 colours. Height 23,5 cm

signed LeGras

FF 6 500

Vase made in molten glass. Height 25,5 cm

signed Walter

FF 13 000

Wall clock. Two pieces composed of the clock and a console. Decoration in bronze and turttle-shell. Total height 1 m.

Epoch Napoléon III (19th Century)

35 000 FF